Interior Design

    INNOSINis one of the top Metal Interior Design Fabricators with creative ideas and rich experiences!
    When it comes to interior design and decorative works, stainless steel has the vitality that hard to find in other materials. With its unique design merits of lustrous, reflective appearance stainless steel can be easily matched and contrast with other decoration material. It is often found to be match with galvanized metal, acrylic, wood, glass, marble and etc to present the luxury and fashionable image.
    Other than that, stainless steel provides a sense of strength and permanence. It has the properties to resist extreme temperature, corrosion, easily clean, requires only simple and minimal maintenance in its many applications.
    At INNOSIN, we have done numerous designs base on clients’ requirement. We strive to meet each of our client’s individual needs, whether you are undertaking a comprehensive new build, kitchen renovation project or just looking to update your furnishings.
    • Kitchen layout and equipment design
    • Interior design of metal furniture and hardware for hotel, restaurant, pub, cafe, food court, residential home, school, etc
    • Interior design for lift, escalator, hand railing, metal door, surface cladding, etc
    • Customize metal artwork piece


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    Interior Design